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Care & Maintenance

Resistance to Weather

We strongly recommend that all garden furniture is stored away at the end of the summer. All furniture (not just ours) will give years more pleasure if protected from the worst ravages of the weather.

Our mosaic, stone and marble tables are weather resistant and designed for indoor and outdoor use, however due to the adverse and extreme weather conditions that we are currently experiencing during the winter months they should be either dried and then stored away or covered with a breathable cover (as they are natural materials and need to breathe) as we do not guarantee them being frost proof.

Arches and arbours are normally left out all year, but will need to be repainted in due course, depending on weather conditions, during the winter months.

Travertine Marble, Natural Stone & Mosaic Ranges

Natural Stone and Travertine Marbles are porous and may absorb liquids. We suggest that they are protected by using either a beeswax polish or cream fortnightly as this will form a protective natural sealant. Any spillages should be removed without delay to avoid the possibility of staining.

Dura-Weather Wicker

Many of our ranges use 'Dura-Wicker'. This is a tough, resin-based weather-resistant woven material. The wicker is easy to clean using warm soapy water, rinsed off with plain water. Avoid damage by sharp objects. If the 'tail' of the wicker comes free it can be secured with adhesive.


'Dura-Wood' is a resin-based material with wood-grain effect, used for table tops and chair slats on the Dura-Wood products. Dura-Wood cannot rot like actual wood and is easy to maintain. The colour will fade after some time, but it can be polished.


Many of our ranges are partially constructed from metal - either aluminium, cast iron or steel. Although our furniture is weather and rust resistant, sea spray and salt air attack most metals and we offer no guarantee against corrosion by sea air. If you live near the sea you would be advised to consider one of our aluminium sets, which won't rust (although they may still 'weather').

Our cast iron and steel products undergo rust inhibiting processes so they will look good for some time before repainting is necessary. They will rust if the protective surface is damaged in any way though, so minor damage and chips should be covered with a dab of touch-up paint.

Home Assembly

Many of our self-assembly furniture ranges use aluminium components and/or sold brass fixings which won't rust. They are relatively soft metals, however, and it is easy to strip threads or snap bolts if over-tightened. We recommend the use of a hand spanner for assembly, as opposed to a socket set.

Warranty information

Our furniture ranges are designed for domestic use. We give no warrany for commercial or catering use.

New Lines

Wedding Tableware Accessories & Furniture now available to hire. Please contact us for a quotation.

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